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Krisztian BENYO

Chercheur postdoctoral

Postdoctoral researcher

Ecole de Ponts et Chaussées PARISTECH, and EDF R&D


PhD in applied mathematics; University of Bordeaux (2015-2018)

Master 2, Pure and applied mathematics; Université Paris-Est, Marne-la-Vallée (2014-2015)

Mathematics Msc; Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (Hungary) (2013-2015)

Mathematics BSc, pure mathematics specialization; Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (Hungary) (2010-2013)

Fields of interest

Coastal and near-shore oceanography, coastal evolution, marine energy, submerged structures;

Mathematical physics, fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, visco-elasticity;

Partial differential equations, water waves problem, Saint-Venant equations, Serre--Green-Naghdi equations, numerical simulations (finite difference and finite volume schemes)

Ongoing research

Multi-layer oceanographic models based on the Serre--Green-Naghdi equations.

Mathematical modeling of sediment transport.

Mathematical analysis of hyperbolic systems, general Riemann problems, Eulerian-Lagrangian transformation, applications to visco-elastic fluid models.


The incidence of a freely moving bottom on wave propagation ; 2018, ArXiv: 1805.07216

Wave-structure interaction for long wave models with a freely moving object on the bottom ; 2017, ArXiv: 1712.06329

"Scientists among the literati" (Dögészek a filoszterben) [in Hungarian] ; 2014, Budapest, historic review

Stability of uniform-sliding elastic continuum; an attempt to deeper understand the mechanics of earthquakes ; 2012, Tokyo, research report (publié en 2013)

Auxiliary papers

Mathematical analysis of the interaction of an inviscid fluid with immersed structures; 2018, doctoral dissertation (UB, Bordeaux)

Asymptotic behavior of thin layer fluid flows; a mathematical analysis of landslides; 2015, master's thesis (UPEM, Paris)

Self similar solutions of Navier-Stokes type equations; 2015, master's thesis (ELTE, Budapest)

Differential geometry of minimal surfaces (Minimálfelületek differenciálgeometriája) [in Hungarian]; 2013, senior thesis (ELTE, Budapest)

On the topic of some models in population dynamics (Populációdinamikai modellek) [in Hungarian]; 2010, research report (ELTE, Budapest)

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