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Description of the laboratory

The Saint-Venant Hydraulics Laboratory is a joint laboratory between EDF R&D, and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. The laboratory specialises in research and development in the field of fluid mechanics applied to hydraulics and the environment and the application of research concerning riverine, maritime, coastal and harbour free surface flows.

The laboratory increases understanding of waves, hydraulics, and the associated sediment transport, and develops methods and tools ranging from regional (ocean, watershed) to local scales concerning fluid-structure interactions. The research objectives of the laboratory are centred on three principal themes: 

  • Waves and maritime and coastal hazards,
  • Modeling free surface flows, and
  • Sediment dynamics.

Four different, complementary approaches are taken: (1) understanding the physical processes, in particular through laboratory experiments, (2) mathematical models to simulate the physical processes of interest, (3) development of numerical simulation tools, and (4) use of the experimental and numerical tools to real applications. 

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Prix Libersky T. Fonty à SPHERIC 2018
Thomas présentant à SPHERIC 2018
Agnès et Athanasios à Spheric 2018


Summary of the Saint-Venant Hydraulics Laboratory for the 2013-2014 AERES evaluation: here.

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