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Ingénieur Chercheur - Directeur Adjoint

Passionate, driven and genuinely committed in managing and delivering environmental hydraulics consultancy and research projects with large numerical modelling components. Sébastien has over 20 year experience in Europe (with HR Wallingford from early 1997 till 2001 and between 2008 and 2019) and in North America (with the Canadian Hydraulics Centre between 2001 and 2008). After a short stay at ARTELIA in 2019 as team leader and project director in all aspects of maritime hydraulics, he has now joined the LNHE department at EDF R&D near Paris in 2020.

Sébastien is a proven team leader valuing most efficient use of the personnel he relies upon. He formulated and followed through delivery of business plans, research strategies, as well as wrote company wide mentoring guidance.

Sébastien is a keen business developer valuing face-to-face contacts. He is experienced in authoring and negotiating licensing terms, high-level memorandum of understanding and joint commercial agreements both in French and English. He has organised international workshops and held booths at national and international conferences. He fosters strong relationships with clients, partners and peer organisations.

Sébastien has a strong track record of managing and working on challenging projects, for which numerical modelling is critical and outside the norm, yet valuing delivery to a high quality standard, on time and within budget.

Sébastien has a precise knowledge of the capabilities and restrictions of the numerical modelling tools at use, and consequently of the risks of project specific developments and modelling challenges, valuing a no-surprise relationship with clients. He has been and remains a lead developer of the numerical solvers he uses and of their applications to environmental hydraulics studies.

Finally, Sébastien has strong organisational skills valuing self-motivated discipline. For over 7 years in his career, he has balanced personal time as PhD student against his full time employment.

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