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Vito Bacchi


EDF R&D and Saint-Venant Laboratory for Hydraulics

+33 (0)1 3087 7831


Joined LHSV: 2013



PhD, Université de Grenoble (France), 2011

Engineer, Università degli studi di Brescia (Italia), 2007

Special Fields of Knowledge:

Fluid Mechanics; Coastal and Fluvial Engineering; Sediment transport; Risk Hazards; Hydraulics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Numerical Modeling for Fluids (1D, 2D, 3D)

Present Main Research Interests:

Modeling complex physical processes in coastal areas: i.e. effects of vegetation, sediment transport, random wave propagation, radioactivity propagation and interaction with sediments.

Numerical model of natural hazards (waves and fluvial). Physical models of natural hazards (bed-load transport on steep slopes).

Publications, Citations:

Bacchi, V., Recking, A., Eckert, N., Frey, P., Piton, G., Naaim, M. 2014. The effects of kineting sorting on sediment mobility on steep slopes. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. DOI:10.1002/esp.3564.

Bacchi, V. Etude expérimentale de la dynamique sédimentaire d’un système à forte pente soumis à des conditions hydrauliques faibles. Mémoire de thèse. Université de Grenoble.

Recking, A., Bacchi, V., Naaim, M., Frey, P. - 2009. Antidunes on steep slopes. Journal of geophysical research – Earth surface, vol. 114, 11p.

Submitted papers:

Bacchi, V., Benoit, M., Yates-Michelin, M., Gagnaire-Renou, E. Wind waves modelling in the fetch-limited closed lagoon of Berre. Journal of Marine Systems.

Bacchi, V., Tassi, P. Three-dimensional modelling of radionuclides dispersion a marine environment with application to the Fukushima dai-ichi case. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.

Conference papers:

Bacchi, V., Tassi, P., 2016. A three-dimensional model for describing the Cs-137 behavior in coastal waters: model verification and validation. Second International Conference on Radioecological Concentration Processes (50 years later). Seville, Spain.

Bacchi, V., E. Gagnaire-Renou, N. Durand, M. Benoit, 2015. Wave energy dissipation by vegetation in TOMAWAC. Telemac-Mascaret User’s Club. Grenoble.

Bacchi, V., Recking, A., Frey, P., Naaim, M., 2009. An experimental investigation about bedload sheets: the mechanisms involved in their generation and migration for a sediment feed and a recirculating flume. RCEM Santa Fé, Argentina.

Active Scientific and Professional Society Memberships:

  • Member of the “Italian Hydrological Society” -


  • Bureau I133