Chargement en cours

Coastal and maritime waves and hazards

Physical processes studied

Meteocean hazards from the deep ocean to the coast. The following physical phenomenon are investigates: waves and sea states, tides, storm surges and wave setup, and tsunami propagation.

Coastal wave dynamics and circulation, at local scales, taking into account interactions with the bottom (bathymetric changes, bottom friction, vegetation, etc.) and with coastal structures, including wave energy converters.


Medium term research objectives

Meteocean theme: physics and statistics of maritime hazards at regional scales. Improving numerical modeling of maritime hazards at oceanic spatial scales, as well as knowledge and stastics regarding wave climates and maritime hazards.

Waves, hydrodynamics and coastal structures theme: Numerical simulation of wave propagation, coastal zone hydrodynamics, and hydrodynamics around coastal structures and wave energy converters.






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