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Café Saint Venant: Prediction of hydrodynamic loads on the cable in the conditions of Raz-Blanchard area

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03/09/2019 14:00 - Salle D


Konstantin Kuznetsov


Most industry guidelines (e.g., DNV GL) for predicting forces or the stability of a horizontal slender cylinder (i.e., pipeline or cable) are based on experience in the oil and gas industry, where currents and waves are relatively mild, and with seabeds of small roughness, as compared to new installations in the offshore renewable energy industry.  In some regions like the Raz Blanchard, where the seabed is covered with boulders and is very rough, there is a strong interest in developing offshore renewable energy resources, but an important problem is connecting such an offshore installation to onshore power stations.  Another effect of a rocky seabed is that many armoring systems for submarine cables are extremely expensive or impractical, and so it would be useful to know the forces on a cylinder near the seabed in such conditions.

In the present work we consider a slender cylinder (e.g., submarine pipeline or cable),either laying on the seabed or with some vertical height. For our application, we consider a potentially large seabed roughness, as compared to the size of the cylinder.
Existing models to predict forces on the pipelines due to waves and current[Aristodemo et al., 2011], have different limitations such as being calibrated for a particular range of Keulegan-Carpenter number. All of them are calibrated only for the bottom-attached cylinders. In order to improve current models (or create a new one) to predict forces which impact on the pipeline.

The goal of current work is create a database of numerical experiments with Code_Saturne to define different parameters like turbulent kinetic energy, forces, velocities, etc., to later create a new simplified model.

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