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Long-term beach observation and shoreline projection for climate change

Where and When

15/02/2019 14:00 - Salle D


Dr. Masauki Banno


Port and Airport Research Institute (PARI) has measured daily beach profiles since 1986 at the Hasaki coast of Japan. This long-term and high-time-resolution beach profile data is used to understand the nearshore processes and predict the future geomorphological change. The talk will present the data set and the future projected shoreline change at the coast due to SLR and wave climate change.

Bio : Dr. Masayuki Banno has been a research scientist with Port and Airport Research Institute in Japan since 2009. His research focuses on the beach response to the wave and sea level and the long-term coastal change. In 2015, his paper was awarded the Best Paper Award from Coastal Engineering Committee of Japan Society of Civil Engineers. He received PhD from Kyushu University with the thesis entitled "Shoreline response on multi-time scale and future projection.

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