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Séminaire: An unstructured finite volume model for three-dimensional free-surface flows on irregular domains

Where and When

23/04/2019 14:00 - Salle D


Miguel UhZapata



Over thelastdecades, numerousmathematical and numerical models ofestuarine and coastal flowshave beenrapidly developed.Dependson the type of model, we are ableto theunderstanddifferent properties of thephysical phenomena; however, low dimensional model are notcloser to reality and thus requiringmoresimplifying hypotheses to validatethem.Thus, three-dimensional(3D)models are more appropriate since they provide information aboutdifferent processes such as erosion, deposition, vertical and transverse diffusionin all directions.Moreover, thanks to the improvement of numerical methods and the capabilities of computers,3Dmodelsare nowadayseasier to implement.In this presentation, we show a 3DNavier-Stokes algorithm recentlydeveloped byour research group, whichis now able tosimulateflowsinrivers, estuarine andcoastalenvironments. The system of equations is treated byan unstructuredfinitevolumemethodwith prismatic elements, asigma-transformationand a projection technique.The physical domain is composed of an arbitrary domain in the horizontal directions and is bounded by the irregular bottom and free surface on the vertical.


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